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About Us

OLLI Orchestra Nevada County's Community Orchestra


Nevada County’s Community Orchestra has been offering free concerts continually for 47 years. The Sierra Community Symphony was formed in 1978 by William Barnhart and Joseph Andre, Jr., members of the Nevada County Concert Band. They recognized our need for an orchestra whose members would be part of the local community.

Originally called the Sierra Philharmonic, then the Sierra Community Orchestra, and in 1993, it took the name Sierra Community Symphony. Sierra Musical Arts Association was organized at the beginning of the Symphony's founding and Sierra College became a joint sponsor shortly thereafter.

There were some tough years until the group became part of Sierra College. When the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute—OLLI—granted funds to the college, OLLI Orchestra bloomed.


According to Violinist Natalie Stone, a member of the orchestra from 1997 to 2018, “Finally, we local musicians had rehearsal and performing spaces, a steadfast and talented conductor and a solid financial base.”

The six most recent OLLI Orchestra’s concerts have been standing-room only!



Rose-May Michelson, Concert Master

Judy Bromley

Hayley Watson

Beverly Marks

Kalie Tapp

Judy Clarence

Pat Bryan



Thomas Zimmerman

Kim Uchibori

Catherine Ayers

Laura Wagner-Balch

Carol Fegté

Laura Horn

Micah Gordon



Bobbie Rowlands

Greg Geraldo

Sue Nepstead

Sophia Roach

Marjorie Shasberger

Kevin Tarsa


Carol Bowman

Jan Osborne

Jessica Fitzgerald

Franzie Ryerson


Steve Nicholson

Margaret Urke



George Husaruk

Mark Fogiel



Kit Chesnut


Gina duBois
Carrie Langkabel


Bill Powell

Martina Burkert



Ray Blackham



Madeline D'Andrea



Tynowyn Woolman



Fiona Baker

Wayland Whitney OLLI Orchestra Conductor Portrait 2.jpg

Wayland Whitney

Wayland Whitney is a conductor and violist from northern California. His passion for education led him to co-found the Placer County Youth Orchestra (PCYO) in Roseville. He administered and conducted PCYO in 2009 while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Viola at UC Davis.


From 2016-18, he directed the Music in the Mountains Youth Orchestra (MIMYO). After finishing his master's degree in Conducting at The State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia, Wayland returned in 2021 to MIM as director of MIMYO and Assistant Conductor of the MIM Orchestra. He also became conductor of the Modesto Youth Symphony Orchestra in Modesto.


As a professional violist, Wayland performs with Sacramento Philharmonic, Stockton Symphony and others. He resides in Sacramento.


Wayland has invited experienced local musicians to help guide members of MIMYO. It’s from this connection that so many OLLI members know how Wayland works.


Wayland said, “My new approach to Orchestra is to achieve high quality of performance and have a relaxed, enjoyable time. I'm afraid an entire generation of players and conductors were brought up on the idea that suffering was necessary for the art. It just isn't so. There's enough negativity and suffering already. Music should be a refuge.”

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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Sierra College is one of only four community colleges nationally to receive a grant from The Bernard Osher Foundation. There are 120 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes (OLLIs) spanning all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


OLLI at Sierra College is a unique learning community for lifelong learners who are eager to explore traditional and new areas of knowledge – without tests or grades. There is no age limit for enrollment. Any adult student is welcome!

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